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Speed, Tidiness, Accuracy
Speed, Tidiness, Accuracy

Who We Are?

We are a contractor company that founded by Ong Onggo Tjandra Setiawan on May 17th, 1993. Starting from a specialist at housing development, in these two decades, we have gained many valuable experiences and improved the quality, both in construction techniques, materials and so on. Therefore, now we are growing rapidly into one of the most prestige contractor company in Indonesia. Currently, our project already expands into large scale projects such as the construction of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and so on. We are known as a company which has satisfying many customers because of its speed, accuracy, and tidiness.

We Build Your Dream
Hotel Horison, Seminyak

Our Vision

Building dreams into reality.

Our Mission

Construct buildings that have the best quality with efficient time and affordable prices.

Come and Join Us
Speed, Tidiness, Accuracy

Our Location

Currently, we are located in West Jakarta. Although only based in Jakarta, the ranges of projects handled are very broad. We are handling projects that reach outside Java. Some examples are in Manado, Bali, Bengkulu, and Riau.

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